This Site is a History and Record of the Creative Works of Paul Gary Phillips. contains the interactive Art Creator Platforms for public use.

Paul is a computer graphic artist who has learned to program to make tools to facilitate his computer art which uses mathimatical and randomize functions to manipulate simple shapes into regular and unusual patterns. Currently the tools he programmed and uses are provided for anyone to use who want to play in a world of math-based art.

MathArt Coloring Book is designed to improve coloring book art.

MathArt Coloring Book Platform

MathArt Coloring Book Platform is modified to keep a fixed line weight for the outline of each object. The line weight is set using the stroke-weight slider. The line weight is the same regardless of the scale of the shape.

MathArt Creator has moved to
This is the link to its new home.

MathArt Creator Platform

MathArt Creator Platform is modified in response to the request to be able to create your own complex primitives. This was a student request during the 2019 USD STEAM Academy. The new Shape Containers and Primitive Controls allows you to place a combination of shapes into the kitchen or basement containers making them your new primitive shape. The Primitive Controls allows you to apply transformations to your primitive and also allows you to apply a transformations to a duplicate of the primitive.
MathArt Creator Release Notes

The MathArt Color Platform released for the 2019 USD STEAM Academy

MathArt Color Platform

MathArt Color Platform is released in response to the request to be able to create your own color pallet. This was a student request during the 2018 STEAM Academy. The Color Palette Picker feature is added so you can now you can construct disigns with your custom colors in your designs. This release was used for the 2019 STEAM Academy and contained the features from MathArt Zoom.

MathArt Zoom Platform


MathArt Zoom Platform added random checkboxes for color parameters as well as stroke-color and stroke-width. The formula for the scaling parameter changed so the layers could stack getting larger or getting smaller. To make a shape stack from large to zero make the layer slider number equal the zoom slider number.

The MathArt Original Platform for the
2018 STEAM Academy

MathArt Platform

The 2018 MathArt Platform
-- an Angular 5 online application platform was developed for the 2018 USD STEAM Academy.
-- works best with the Google Chrome Browser.
-- uses sliders and checkboxes to control the process.
-- employs graphic transformations and random function.
-- makes beautiful patterns from the mathematical transfomations of simple shapes.

The 2018 MathArt Samples Video

The Art is by Paul Gary Phillips and the Music is by Michael Carroll.

The 2018 MathArt
Suplimental Materials

MathArt Explore Challenges for STEAM

Under construction for the
2020 USD STEAM Academy

(Developers Test Area)

MathArt Animate Platform is being developed to be a MathArt platform with a control area vary the animation parameters. With simple shapes you will be able to animate individual layers as well as the whole stage to create your animating designs.

Examples of the art created by MathArt

MathArt Animation Examples
MathArt Angular Examples
MathArt 500 Examples

More Ideas created during development of MathArt


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